Wind Load Calculator

Wind load is the measure used for checking the intensity of the pressure applied by the wind on the given object.

We can calculate wind load with the help of this below formula:

Wind Load Formula

A = Area
P = Wind Pressure
Cd = Drag Coefficient
Kz = Exposure coefficient
Gh = Gust Response

The formula to calculate exposure coefficient and gust response is given below:

Exposure coefficient (Kz) = [z/33](2/7)
z = Height from ground to object's midpoint

Gust Response (Gh) = 0.65 + 0.60/(h/33)(1/7)
h = Height of the object

Use our below online wind load calculator to find the wind load, enter the parameters in the input boxes and click calculate button to find the answer.

Area (A):
Wind Pressure (P):
Drag Coefficient (Cd):
Exposure Coefficient (Kz):
Gust Response (Gh):
Wind Load:

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