Time Dilation Calculator

Ever wondered travelling to the future? Well it is practically possible. Do you know that time gradually slows down when you travel at the near speed of light?

If a human starts travelling onto space at the speed of light for around 10 years and when he returns back to earth, he would actually return 300 years later in the future as per earth timings. This is because time slows down for the spaceship & eventually only 10 years have passed for him but in actual scenario it's more or less 300 years have passed on earth. Knowing difference in time between these two events is known as time dilation.

Even today, time dilation takes place at a very tiny number on the satellites orbiting around the globe at greater speeds and at approximate time dilation of 0.001 second per day.

We can calculate time dilation using this below formula:

Time Dilation Formula

Use our below online time dilation calculator by entering the elapsed time at body and relative velocity on the respective input boxes and then click calculate button to find the answer.

Elapsed Time at Body (T): sec
Relative Velocity (v): km/s
Time Dilation: sec

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