Accrued Interest Calculator

Accrued interest is the amount of interest on a bond which gets accumulated between the payment schedules. To calculate the accrued interest, firstly we need to check the type of bond and its day count fraction (DCF). For instance, municipal or corporate bonds generally apply 360 day/year DCF and government bonds apply 365 day/year DCF.

To calculate accrued interest rate, use the below formula:

Accrued Interest Rate Formula

Once we know the accrued interest rate, we can apply the investment amount to the accrued interest rate as:

Accrued Interest Cost Formula

Use our below online accrued interest calculator by entering the required input values and then click calculate button to find the answer.

Day Count Fraction (DCF):
Investment Amount ($):
Annual Interest Rate (%):
Holding Days:
Accrued Interest Rate (%):
Accrued Interest Cost ($):

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