Youtube Revenue Calculator

Youtube is one of the great ways to earn by uploading videos. It is a passive income stream where you upload interesting videos and keep getting money forever. But be-warned, you need to integrate your adsense account before you start seeing any money flowing onto your account.

You can use our below online youtube revenue calculator to estimate the amount of revenue that your youtube videos could generate. 

Before you get started, please go through these basic terms.

Page views: Number of times your videos were viewed.

Average cost per click: The average amount you get paid per click by Google adsense. Normally it's $0.01 to $0.15.

Click through rate: Percent of people who click on the ads. Normally it's 1.5% to 6%.

Enter the above mentioned terms in the below estimator and click calculate button to find your revenue.

Video Views:
Average Cost Per Click (CPC): $
Click Through Rate (CTR): %
Average Clicks:
Average Youtube Revenue: $

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