Redirect Checker

When a user visits a website, he/she will be forwarded to another web page. This forwarding process is known as redirect.

Redirects are of 3 types namely 301, 302 and meta. But in most cases 301 and 302 are applied.

301 refers to a redirect which is permanent. In other words, as a website owner you are telling the search engine that i'm permanently moving this old page onto this 301 destination URL. The search engines transfer almost all the SEO benefits of the old page onto the new page in few days.

302 refers to a redirect which is temporary. In other words, as a website owner you are telling the search engine that the redirect is just for temporary purpose and i would remove the redirect in few days. Search engines won't transfer any SEO benefits onto the new page.

Use our below online redirect checker to see if your webpage is been redirected and if yes whether its 301 or 302.

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