Electric Potential Energy Calculator

The electric charges possess potential energy due to their position. There are 2 possibilities when they are released free, either they would start moving towards another charge or away. Hence, the energy that has a group of charges built in certain configuration is called as electric potential energy. Electric potential energy is a scalar quantity and it is measured in joules.

We can calculate it by knowing certain parameters of these charges such as the distance between the charges, coulomb's constant and amount of charge withing the objects.

Here is the formula to calculate electric potential energy:

Electric Potential Energy Formula

k = coulomb's constant (9*109 Nm2/C2)
r = distance between the two charges
q1 = charge of object 1
q2 = charge of object 2

You can find electric potential energy by entering the required fields in the below calculator and find the output.

Charge of object 1: [Coulombs]
Charge of object 2: [Coulombs]
Distance between two charges: [meters]
Electric Potential Energy (Ue): [Joules]

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