Corporate/Business Calculators

In accounting, corporate/business accounting is a vital branch to calculate the profit or loss of a particular company, firm or a business. Our below online corporate/business calculators helps you find the parameters easily.

Contribution Margin Calculator
Contribution Margin Ratio Calculator
Operating Margin Calculator
Price Variance Calculator
Quantity Variance Calculator
Ending Inventory Calculator
Gross Profit Calculator
Gross Profit Ratio Calculator
Return on Capital Calculator
Cost of Goods Sold Calculator
Inventory Conversion Period Calculator
Receivables Turnover Ratio Calculator
Asset Turnover Calculator
Average Collection Period Calculator
Cash Conversion Cycle Calculator
Average Inventory Calculator
Days Sales Outstanding Calculator
Days Payable Outstanding Calculator
Inventory Turnover Ratio Calculator
EBIT Calculator
EBIT Margin Calculator
EBITDA Calculator
Net Profit Calculator
Net Profit Margin Calculator
Net Sales Calculator
Debt Ratio Calculator
Debt Service Coverage Ratio Calculator
Working Capital Calculator
Working Capital Ratio Calculator
Operating Cash Flow Calculator
Operating Cash Flow Ratio Calculator
Payback Period Calculator
Operating Ratio Calculator
Current Ratio Calculator
Absolute Liquid Ratio Calculator
Fixed Assets to Net Worth Calculator
Interest Coverage Ratio Calculator
Capital Gearing Ratio Calculator
Marginal Cost Calculator
Fixed Asset Turnover Ratio Calculator
Accounts Payable Turnover Ratio Calculator
Price Earnings Ratio Calculator
Return on Capital Employed Calculator
Net Profit Ratio Calculator
Gross Margin Percentage Calculator
Prime Cost Calculator
Manufacturing Cost Calculator
Conversion Cost Calculator
Cost of Goods Manufactured Calculator
Operating Profit Calculator
Operating Expenses Calculator
Net Operating Income Calculator
Margin of Safety Calculator
Margin of Safety Ratio Calculator
Degree of Operating Leverage Calculator
Capitalization Rate Calculator
Cost Performance Index Calculator
Cost Variance Calculator
Gross Operating Income Calculator
Fixed Charge Coverage Ratio Calculator
Return on Assets Ratio Calculator
Retention Rate Calculator
Operating Cycle Calculator
Market Debt Ratio Calculator
Debt to Capital Ratio Calculator
Days Sales in Inventory Calculator

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