Adding and Subtracting Polynomials Calculator

Polynomials are the expressions which includes variables, constants and exponents where they could be combined using mathematical operations. An example of polynomial includes: 6x2 + 4y -3.

Adding Polynomials can be done by first placing the like terms (terms with same variables) together and then add the like terms.

Here is a simple example that includes addition and subtraction process:

Add: 5x2 + 35y - 4 and 8x2 + 45y - 3

Solution: Let us line up both the polynomials in vertical position.

5x2 + 35y - 4

8x2 + 45y - 3

13x2 + 80y - 7

Therefore, the addition of polynomials: 13x2 + 80y - 7

Similarly, lets subtract both of the polynomials:

5x2 + 35y - 4

8x2 + 45y - 3

as we are going to subtract, all the second polynomial's signs would be changed to opposite sign as shown below:

-8x2 - 45y + 3

Therefore, we can rewrite the polynomials as:

5x2 + 35y - 4

-8x2 - 45y + 3

-3x2 - 10y - 1

Therefore, the subtraction of polynomials: -3x2 - 10y - 1

In the same way, use our below online addition and subtraction of polynomials calculator by inserting the required values onto the input boxes and then clicking the calculate button for finding the answer.

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